Prose and Cons of Loving a Writer

I am procrastinating writing my blog post about writing.

I literally just spent a half hour checking Facebook and answering emails when I should have been writing and it’s already 11:15 and I’m enervated from altogether too much life. Anywho. In light of Ellyn’s excellent and hilarious post on cohabitation, I thought I’d write about one small aspect of my cohabitating existence–living with a writer.

This is why it rocks:

1) We give each other really good edits.
2) We help each other stay disciplined and even go to coffee shops together.
3) We understand and respect the need to blow your brain to pieces trying to figure out a story or crank out some actual words. (To wit: we have a writing room. Then again, we live in LA. Go figure.)
4) We love overanalyzing books, TV shows, movies, and pretty much all forms of story-telling together.

This is why it blows:

1) If I really want to get Bryan’s help with something RIGHT NOW, it better be writing-related. Otherwise forget it.
2) Bryan is much more disciplined than me, which makes me really angry when I’m having a major block.
3) We are both super, super moody.
4) We have to agree to disagree on the quality of various stories way too often. Things get h-e-a-t-e-d. (See the ending of The Sopranos.)

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