Please Help Me Not Kill My Boyfriend, ESPN Edition

Dear Ellyn,

I am more obsessed with football than my boyfriend is. Should I worry?


Dear Miriam,

My boyfriend watches sports constantly when we’re home. Should I cancel the cable or campaign against NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA and MLS?

Contemplating retirement,

Dear Ellyn,

The first thing you could do is join an all-girls fantasy football league (mine!) and or bet on March Madness and beat him (trust me, there’s no better feeling and no better way to make the cocky sports talk stop). But just in case that doesn’t appeal, here is the emergency retaliation plan: fill up your DVR with Say Yes to the Dress and/or My Fair Wedding with David Tutera. Better yet, talk to Shaun. Twenty bucks says he will understand if you make it about making sure you have just the right amount of time to hang out together. It’s not like you want him to stop watching sports completely–you just want him to watch them when you’ve got better things to do too, like write or get mani-pedis with your BFF. If all else fails, boycott the NBA. Half the season is frickin’ playoffs.


Dear Miriam,

Worry? Heck no. You should worry if he’s really into Sex and the City or painting nails or worse, the Steelers (bleck!). You should actually celebrate that he’s not that into football. It’s worse if you’re not into it and he is. That equals less you time and no plans on Sundays or Mondays (I would know). You don’t want to do everything together and have all things in common or it would be boring. If you want to watch an Eagles game and he doesn’t, just claim the living room for the night, don your green, and own it. As long as it’s not causing problems or major rifts in your relationship, it’s totally normal. It doesn’t make you less of a girl or him less of a guy. It’s the quirks that make you work as a couple, and you need to have your own thing anyway.


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  2. Awesome post! You’ve a great blog, absolutely the very best Ive read so far. I will be looking forward to your next entry. Thanks again.

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