Please Help Me Not Kill My Boyfriend, Movies and Techno Edition

Dear Ellyn,

When we first started dating, my boyfriend made me a list of movies to watch because he’s a film nerd and thinks I’m culturally uneducated. It was fun at first, but now it feels less like Bryan’s list and more like Schindler’s list.

Make it stop,

Dear Miriam,

I can’t stand my boyfriend’s rap and techno music, rendering road trips unbearable (his Jersey driving skills aside). How do I learn to deal with Hot 97 and BBC Radio 1 Live from Ibiza?

Rock is love, Ellyn

Dear Ellyn,

Totally did not know the British were cool enough to rap. And cannot imagine how painful techno must sound with British accents.

There is a very well-known saying, “pick your battles,” and given how many battles are probably in your future (and no, not you and Shaun specifically, just couples generally), I’m actually gonna say don’t fight this one. Best case scenario, find some rap songs that you actually can stand and make him a playlist. It’s sweet and old-school and Shaun will be totally impressed by your efforts… or until he reads this blog anyway. Mediocre scenario, give in out of kindness and play some card you really want another day (like sending him back to driving school, perhaps). Worst-case scenario, invest in a really good pair of sound-proof headphones. I would say you’d look like a geek, but then again Shaun will be the white guy jamming out to Lil’ Wayne. ‘Nuff said.

If I knew any rap sign-offs I’d sign-off that way right now,

Dear Miriam,

Well, as a film major dropout, I can sympathize. While I’m sure you can respect and appreciate Bryan’s knowledge of movies through the ages, “the list” can certainly be overwhelming. I suggest you take his list, and make your own version. The new list should be a good mix of genres, but start with only movies you actually want to see or could perhaps find interesting. Once you get through that list, it might be 2040, which is okay. From there, you can decide whether you want to tackle any of the others. By then, they could be obsolete anyway. Also regarding yesterday’s ’90’s post, I demand that the new list includes Ghostbusters, at least.

Last, I leave you with this profound wisdom: “What’s popular is not always right, what’s right is not always popular.” In other words, just because a movie is famous and epic and a breakthrough, does not mean it’s right for you. But the worst movie in the entire world, according to critics, could end up being your favorite. For example, Shaun’s favorite movie is probably “Don’t Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood.” Yes, that exists.

Happy viewing,

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