What Not To Wear: NY Edition

Fashion sense. I always thought I had it. But then my boyfriend, Shaun, told me I wear too many colors and really have no idea what I’m doing, but that’s besides the point. Even for a senseless fashionista like me, I am positive these are the top 5 fashion no-no’s spotted in New York:

1. Tights or leggings…butt out. I know tights are in style, leggins’ are cool. But for the love of God, make sure you cover your ass. I do not want to see your striped undies. It’s not okay to wear leggings or tights without a sweater or shirt covering your lumpy butt. All the way, not just half way. Think dress, not baby tee.

2. Ugh Uggs. I have Uggs, and I love them. But I try not to get carried away. I don’t wear them with sweatpants. I don’t wear them in the rain or when it’s 70 degrees. I don’t wear them in the snow even. Really they’re only appropriate when it’s freezing cold, dry, and you’re heading off to Dunkin’ for a coffee.

3. Tights…with open…toe….shoes. No, no, no, no. Please. Stop it. Why would you think that’s okay? It’s not alright to walk around in flip flops with nasty toe nails and chipped polish, so it’s absolutely not okay to wear stockings with summer heels. Go back to the geriatric ward.

4. No tights. I realize I have OCD with tights, but it drives me nuts when I see girls, when the weather is below freezing, wearing knee high boots, a mini skirt, and nothing else. Fine, perhaps Carrie Bradshaw doesn’t wear stockings. Maybe it’s matronly. But for crying out loud, it’s icy, and you’re bare-legged. You look stupid!

5. White see-through pants. I saw this yesterday believe it or not. I think it’s a myth that you can’t wear white after Labor Day, but there’s also an appropriate way to do it. Wearing white pants, with pink underwear in November is not it.

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4 Responses to What Not To Wear: NY Edition

  1. amanda says:

    What not to wear… Amish Country? sounds good huh. Ugg boots are worn down here in the south in the middle of summer, not kidding, I saw some girls in ugg boots at coldstone creamery… it was 86 degrees outside.

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  3. kirby says:

    Agree to all except the Ugg thing…Uggs are okay ALL OF THE TIME. Love mine:)

    • ellyn says:

      haha! Well maybe I stretched the truth. I probably wear them way more often than I “should.” I think I forget how much I love mine too, because I haven’t gotten them out yet. I’m still in denial that it’s fall.

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