Diet Secrets of an Apathetic Foodie

I’m not a foodie. Basically I eat for energy, because I have to, not because I particularly enjoy it. I’d be fine on a liquid diet…smoothies, pureed vegetables, iced tea, soup, margaritas on occasion. If I had to choose my last meal, I have no idea whatsoever what I’d pick. I feel like everyone else in the world can answer this question easily. My boyfriend, for example, would have Boston Market and Filet Mignon and a chocolate shake. I bet you have an easy answer too. I’m almost jealous of all of you for having such profound preferences.

Every night, I have this conversation:

Shaun: What should we have for dinner?
Me: I don’t know.

I guess I don’t care either. On certain rare days when I know exactly what I want (chicken fingers from Stout or homemade guac), it’s like a mini miracle. I’m just not that picky or opinionated in the culinary area. It’s a temporary fix. Why spend $100 for a sprinkling of truffles at SD26 or an uncooked hunk of steak at Peter Luger’s? I’m okay with eating plain noodles every night. People are just obsessed with food. There are so many restaurants, snack choices, supermarkets, categories, and diets. What’s the appeal, when it’s not even like you can keep it inside you for more than a day?

Now I do read cookbooks and I don’t mind making food for people once in awhile if something is requested, but that’s more of an art or skill in a social environment. Not having to do with choosing food and eating it. I don’t have an eating disorder or anything. I do eat, but I don’t put that much thought into it. I eat what makes me feel good when I’m really hungry. It’s rather boring, but I’ve never had a doctor lecture me about my health either.

Manhattan is a cornucopia of restaurants and food. The best food, any kind of food, whenever you want. Yet, it’s so rare that I know what I might like to eat, that it’s totally irrelevant. To date, my favorite dining establishment is my grandmother’s house, yet I couldn’t name a favorite dish she might make. I apparently have the food memory of a goldfish. What’s worse is that I work in media, which means I’m wined and dined constantly. I’ve been to some of the top restaurants in the city, and no dish stands out.

I wouldn’t be able to tell you the best meal I’ve ever had if my life depended on it. Maybe a time I was super hungry? I wish I had a craving, a hankering, or even an addiction to chocolate. But alas, I’m impartial, healthy, and a really low-maintenance cheap date.

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2 Responses to Diet Secrets of an Apathetic Foodie

  1. Sarah says:

    I dont have a favorite food… but thats also because I love every kind of food from escargot to mac and cheese. I love eating but I only eat small things throughout the day I dont like meals. I also dont like feeling full so I dont eat enough to make me full but then im hungry an hour later. Funny how were the opposite ends of the spectrum :]

  2. Josh S says:

    Although your post goes against everything I believe in, I can certainly understand where you are coming from. It’s clearly not your thing. Just like my complete lack of interest in the Olympics. I do however, recognize its importance.
    Food is not just about sustenance. It’s art. It’s balance. It’s creativity. It’s science. It’s passion. It’s love.
    It’s about whole exceeding its parts. It’s about contrast. It’s about eating a 10 course meal and not being so bloated you can’t move because the chef learned his craft and did his homework when prepping your menu. Why spend money on raw steak? Because it is meat in its truest, purest form. Beauty in simplicity. Why spend money on truffles? Because there isn’t anything in the world that tastes like them. One finds joy in these rare creative gems the same as one gets sick of pop music and hungers for jazz. Different textures. The molecular gastronomists are pushing the envelopes even further. There are no “national borders” on ingredients as flavors from different cultures are being blended in new, interesting ways, not unlike the Kogi BBQ trucks that blanket LA. Korean-Mexican tacos? You bet! Chefs are “cooking” things in liquid nitrogen baths. They are caramelizing sugars with industrial lasers.

    I don’t really have a closing so I’ll just end it here.

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