A Royal Gossip Session

Ellyn: so about prince william…
Miriam: … and kate middleton
Miriam: he got uglier as he got old. am I too mean?
Ellyn: he might be balding. I mean he does seem really nice which counts for something…plus the whole royalty thing I guess
Miriam: her ring is gorgeous. I would take it
Ellyn: it’s princess di’s. which is kind of awkward… if i was her
Miriam: I think it’s sweet. his mother and all
Ellyn: i would just feel kind of bad wearing it
Miriam: why?
Ellyn: i mean… does she ever think.. wtf who am I? it must be surreal
Miriam: she’s the next Princess Di, except hopefully less scandalous. she must love him right?
Ellyn: the whole world is watching.. she must feel pressure. but after 9 years… i guess she’s had time to back out
Miriam: He even said he gave her that!
Ellyn: that’s not a life you choose lightly
Miriam: I love how most girls are obsessed with becoming a princess but you and I are like smell ya later
Ellyn: he probably didn’t mean it… or maybe wanted to test her strength… a 9 year test
Miriam: it’s a long test
Ellyn: lol i know. no thanks. i’d go for harry.. and maybe elope and just pretend we’re not royal
Miriam: on the other hand, I thought her dress was stunning and I want it. Harry does have a thing for blondes
Ellyn: i think she’s gorgeous. we’d probably be her friend
Miriam: She does appear very down to earth
Ellyn: you know.. the worst part is I thought they were already engaged. I can’t even believe he was still “single” all this time. I filed him under “never gonna happen” 5 years ago
Miriam: although I don’t know if I’d stick around that long for a guy to propose, even if he was the future king. yeah what rock have you been living under
Ellyn: i agree… at some point.. is it rude to just be like “dude, fish or cut bait”
Miriam: oh hell no
Ellyn: i ignore celebs that aren’t scandalous maybe. he hasn’t been very interesting til now
Miriam: nice. so everyone who’s not snooki?
Ellyn: hmm pretty much. I wonder how much this wedding will cost and if they will allow the paparazzi to attend. maybe they’ll let us go and blog about it
Miriam: it kind of makes me sick to think of how much it will cost. although i’m already jealous of her dress and I dont know what it’s gonna look like yet
Ellyn: i wonder if the queen likes kate
Miriam: ha that would sell our books! she must otherwise he wouldn’t have proposed
Ellyn: true.
Miriam: sad.
Ellyn: talk about some crazy in-laws
Miriam: yeah all told I’d pass on becoming a princess
Ellyn: 10 years ago, when he was single, i was interested. But i was also 15
Miriam: ok do you think that’s enough are we funny enough?
Ellyn: HAHA i feel like an actress

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3 Responses to A Royal Gossip Session

  1. Susan says:

    You guys totally watched Dateline last night, am I right?

  2. Shaunna Bhan says:

    Kate Middleton fashion and style is super! Check out some looks from her past and present! i love her..

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