10 Reasons We Love Philly

Technically, this is a blog about New York and Los Angeles. But there are certain things about your hometown that you never stop loving. And since we share said hometown, and it’s Phriday (yes, we just spelled that, now shut it), we decided to take a moment and profess our love. Herewith, the top ten reasons we love Philly:

10) Disclaimer: Neither one of us is technically from Philly. Miriam wins, because she grew up half a mile outside city limits and worked at the Ben & Jerry’s in Manayunk (where, let’s face it, she spent more time than at home anyway). Then again Miriam might lose because she went to high school on the yuppie Main Line.

Ellyn isn’t even from the suburbs. She’s from the country outside of Allentown. She didn’t get The Philadelphia Inquirer, she got The Morning Call.

The point is: it didn’t matter how far we were, everybody was and is a die hard Phillies/Eagles fan. Ellyn doesn’t like sports but even she know the names of the starting lineup for the Phils.

9) Ellyn’s family pronounces words like Philadelphians. Glasses are Glayses. Water is wooder. Miriam still catches herself calling her friends “YO” and “youse guys.”

8 ) We know how to order cheesesteaks properly. Also screw Pat’s and Geno’s, we go to Jim’s.

7) We make endless fun of New Jersey, particularly those New Jersey residents from Cherry Hill who PRETENDED they were Philadelphians. This is especially funny because Ellyn lives in New Jersey now.

6) We’ve been to the Franklin Institute more times than we’d like to admit. Miriam used to get stoned and go all the time in high school. Whatever man, it was cool.

5) Speaking of high school, Ellyn spent every weekend of freshman year in high school in Center City… at finishing school. She told people it was “acting school” but mostly she learned how to set a table and apply makeup.

Miriam also spent every weekend in Center City… walking from Market Street Station to South Street and sneaking into Condom Kingdom and going to Repo Records.

(Can you tell which one of us was the rebel here?)

4) There is nothing better than Wawa chocolate milk. Speaking of Wawa, they’re called hoagies, you ass.

3) We DON’T do “The Hamptons.” We go to the shore… yes the Jersey Shore. Ocean City and Avalon specifically. Yes, Ellyn also loves Joe Paterno, who has a house there. Coincidentally she also met her boyfriend there, who used to live in Philly, which was great until he left his apartment in Philly for the tiny place they now have in Jersey Friggin’ City.

(He’s also a huge nerd and has a website for his condo.)

2) The Schuylkill expressway. Also the fact that no one outside Philly knows how to pronounce the best road ever.

1) One of our top favorite memories ever is of the 2009 Phillies/Yankees World Series Game 5. Philly won. Ellyn was there. It was amazing. Miriam hates Ellyn, in case you were wondering.

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4 Responses to 10 Reasons We Love Philly

  1. Ah, Ocean City: God’s Hamptons.

    I was there in September for the first time since I was 20 (so about 15 years (I’m old)), and it was exactly as I remember it, right down to the awkward church groups posing for “fun” pictures on the Boardwalk.

    Also, salt water taffy.

    You forgot to mention Temple University: “Harvard on the Schuylkill”; the most grandiose subhead evar.

    I think it’s really time for me to get a map of PA tattooed on my back.

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