I Really Still Do Love New York

I’ve been hating on New York a little bit too much lately. Mainly it’s out of love for my new home, but the truth is New York was terrific to/for me. I loved every second I lived there. And as much as those mean clichés about New York–too crowded, high-stress–are true, so too are those adoring clichés–as Phoebe says when Monica and Chandler announce they’re moving to Westchester, “You can’t leave the city. What if you want Chinese food at 5 AM? Or a fake Rolex that breaks as soon as it rains?”

Herewith, the top ten only-in-New-York and they-don’t-have-this-in-LA things I’m still not sure I can live without:

10) Good food delivery. Sure you can get crappy pizzas and Mexican delivered here, but anything good? You have to drive and pick it up.

9) Speaking of food… restaurants that value food over ambiance. Specifically Graffiti, Aquagrill, Fish, Supper, and Caracas.

8 ) Independently owned neighborhood cupcake spots. Read Butter Lane and sugar Sweet sunshine.

7) The unholy reverence for all things coffee. For a town full of writers, LA sure sucks at the coffee shop thing. Not a day goes by where I don’t wish for Ninth Street Espresso, D’ESPRESSO, or Roasting Plant.

6) All those amazing little boutiques on Orchard and Broome on the Lower East Side where you could find amazing clothes nobody else had.

5) The chain-smoking, overweight, Orthodox Jewish Russian cobbler who could fix any shoe you ever brought him.

4) The Pickle Guys.

3) Shopping in SoHo and stopping into dives to break for beer, wings, and football.

2) Speaking of drinking… stumbling home wasted from my favorite bar in the entire city after my favorite bartender handed me one too many glasses of Nero.

1) When spring has only just turned into summer and it is finally warm enough to put on a skirt and drink outside, preferably on the water.

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3 Responses to I Really Still Do Love New York

  1. ellyn says:

    Umm, I’ve never been any of these places… no wonder I hate NY most of the time!

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