Handling Holiday Hassles Part II

5 days ’til Christmas… for some of you, that makes your heart rate increase and your palms sweat. But do not fear. I advise here on even more holiday gripes so you can keep your sanity and make it to 2011.

Alison: I hate the bell ringers!

Ellyn: Yes, I feel as though the ringing bell repels me more than anything. When I hear that, the last thing I want to do is stand there in the cold, digging around in my purse for my wallet. So instead I keep speed walking past with my hands over my ears. It’s okay to hate them. There are many ways to give back over the holidays that don’t involve the jingle jangle of those stupid bells. My only advice is to avoid cities or maybe going out in public in general. How much do they even make? I doubt it’s enough to feed even one family one meal, which is really sad. There has to be a better way. Did you know you could search for a job to become a bell ringer? Aim high, friends.

Tiff: Checkout people at stores wearing Santa hats or other holiday inspired hats.

E: I wonder if they’re forced to wear them or if they choose to spread cheer in such a way. If they’re forced, that’s just sad. If not, I don’t know what kind of person would choose to wear that itchy, hot hat all day. Not cute after an eight hour shift. Especially if they’re more grumpy than joyful. I would say that you should assume they’re forced to wear the reindeer antlers, so you feel bad for them instead of annoyed.

Tiff: And also car commercials where the husband or wife surprises the other with a brand new Lexus (including a GIANT red bow). That’s just not real life. Do they even make bows that big?

E: Well, I work in advertising, so the answer is no. That’s not real life, but it does make us want things. I suppose there must be people somewhere who buy cars as gifts, or else they wouldn’t advertise so much over the holidays. Most of those commercials cost more than the average person’s salary (for one :30 second ad.) There has to be some kind of return for those car companies, since they also had to get a giant bow custom made for the commercial. It’s annoying, but so are most commercials, which is why I suggest DVR, DVDs, and HBO.

Jes: Everyone makes Christmas about gifts when they don’t really matter. It’s all well and good to give and get, but Christmas is still Christmas without gifts.

E: Sadly a lot of people forget what Christmas is actually about, because society has turned it into a huge marketing ploy. I suppose we all need to make a living, and a lot of us work for “The Man” aka Corporate America. The more we sell, the better chance we have of staying in business, the more money we make. There are lots of awesome ways to give gifts that give back, or just donate money in someone’s name to the charity of your choice.

Caitlin: When siblings come home for the holidays they revert back to their teenage years and cannot help but to fight over the most petty things i.e. remote, seat on the couch, kitchen table, etc. and most importantly, who is favored by parents.

E: This is why my Christmas “break” at home only lasts one or two nights tops. I find it much more relaxing to be in my own apartment, not to mention my mom moved to Reno so I don’t even have a room anymore…or a house really unless the couch at my dad’s counts. Sibling rivalry never dies, so it’s best to choose your battles and limit your interaction, so it’s not a full week of hair pulling and punching.

Otherwise, happy holidays!

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2 Responses to Handling Holiday Hassles Part II

  1. Caitlin Wendell says:

    HAHA This is cute. I have two comments.

    1. I stepped out of the A,C,E train below Penn Station last week and heard a man on a microphone screaming at people to “give it up” and “help a brothah”. I turn the corner and who do I see? A Salvation Army “Santa Clause” pacing the concourse pleading to the crowd with arms raised to the ceiling. Never mind that he was not white and you can forget about the rosy cheeks, he had a microphone and was demanding money. Apparently, the bell ringing just isn’t enough these days…

    2. The comment about people wearing Santa hats and other head accessories makes me think of that website you sent me once with all of the misfit Walmart customers. I just laughed out loud. I’m going to try and find the website.

  2. Sarah says:

    http://www.peopleofwalmart.com/ there is also one about people’s cars… speaking of which did anyone notice the reindeer antlers and rudolph noses on family vehicles this year? Wtf.

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