Golden Globes: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Ellyn says, as a film major drop out, I live for this stuff. I once collected movie stubs with my best friend, with the ultimate plan of making our first Oscars dresses out of them. I might have enough for a bikini by now. Which is fine, because I need more time to start my screenplay and then finish it.

First, I think if I lived in LA, I would try to crash this shindig, or at least an after-party. Miriam, get on that on my behalf please.

(Miriam’s note: As a gossip addict, I also live for this stuff. And please, lady, I crashed a Mad Men party in New York two years ago. Been there, done that, you can do it too.)

But more importantly, on to the first ever JFKLAX Golden Globes fashion wrap-up:

If only I could spend my entire rent check on that dress…

Ellyn says…Mila Kunis (in the popular green color of the night), JLo (glittery white, she’s a hottie), Claire Danes (love the hot pink, although she might be the only person that could pull that dress off), and Helen Mirren looks awesome (how old is she again?).

Miriam says… Seriously, Ellyn, J Lo? She looked like she belonged at the senior prom or a very bad episode of Say Yes to the Dress. Personally I think everyone ‘effed up this big night but since I’m picking here I’d have to go with Amy Adams (black is oh-so classy, and it gives her figure a nice silhouette without making her look like a contorted mermaid) and Leighton Meester (she pulls off a tricky dress – long-sleeves, nude – and looks absolutely stunning doing it). Besides, it’s nice to see my favorite Gossip Girl covering up for a change). Suck it, Blake Lively.

Ellyn says: Isn’t Amy wearing blue? I agree though. I did like her dress. Not Leighton’s however. She should’ve saved that one for when she’s 75 and attending the Globes.

You couldn’t pay me enough to wear this…

Ellyn says… Michelle Williams – flower pattern? Color? Oof. Jennifer Love Hewitt – holy crumb catcher neckline. While I would probably rock Helena Bonham Carter’s Westwood “wicked fairy witch” dress, I would not wear two different colored shoes. I’m far too obsessive compulsive for that.

Also, I feel like Angelina was never a child. She just crawled out of the ground, fully formed in a sparkly Versace dress. It’s all very Stepford.

Miriam says… Where to begin? How about with Angelina Jolie sucks and it doesn’t matter what she wears I will always despise it. Also really? She looks like a bad Statue of Liberty. The only one giving her competition last night was Anne Hathaway, who look liked a crumbling aged bronze version of Miss Liberty.

In other news, what was up with Natalie Portman’s pink-cupcake-with-icing getup? We get it, you’re preggers, and you broke every single thirty-something male’s heart. Enough already. And Sandra Bullock’s bangs? You’re forty-six, sweetie, not six. Finally January Jones – did you not learn anything from your Emmy dress debacle? Just because you’re flat doesn’t mean you have to flash all the skin surrounding your nonexistent boobies.

OK, I have to stop now before my inner bitch truly takes over.

One last word from the both of us… woo for The Kids Are All Right! Bring on the Oscars baby.

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4 Responses to Golden Globes: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

  1. Susan says:

    No mention of this mistake?,,20449763_20457354,00.html?stitched#20899513 Yea, Ellyn, that’s your girl Jules. On the other hand, I love Eva Longoria’s dress..

    • ellyn says:

      hahaha yeah she’s not my girl. I only sort of looked like her in Superbad and only when my hair was dyed. I’d never wear that creamsicle dream of a dress.

  2. Sarah says:

    Every part of her is the same color… thats just not right.

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