Will Work for Fun

As of Monday, I’m in-between jobs. Okay, fine. I’m unemployed. For the first time since college graduation. Back then, I passed up a European back-packing extravaganza to find a job in New York. Not sure what I was thinking, but I started working July 1st so didn’t have much of a summer vacation that year. I simply couldn’t stand being at home with nothing to do and no income.

Well, I’ve come full-circle. I have another summer vacation looming ahead. Except I’m at home alone (Shaun is traveling for work) and my friends are almost all on the East Coast. Crap. When you’re working, all you want is a day off to do nothing. Let me just tell you, that a few days off in a row when you’re alone and not on vacation can be wearing. You have to get really creative. Monday my mom was visiting, so the day went pretty fast. We went to the beach and fixed my bicycle. Tuesday, I have no idea what I did besides watch Food Network, get a smoothie, and take a yoga class. Yesterday, I cleaned then tried to put a dresser together but gave up when I realized I was going to have to drill holes. So I got a mani/pedi and another smoothie.

I’m running out of ideas. Of course, I should write and try to get published. I should paint my bookshelf, cook something besides rice and cereal, and start a business or save the world or anything productive. I should at least lay out at the pool and get a tan, which I surprisingly haven’t done yet this week. The thing is, I need to save up all of those things I should be doing for a rainy day (not that it rains in San Diego).

Because, what if it’s more permanent than I’d hoped? What if I don’t get an offer for weeks or months? Should I work at Hooters? Seriously force myself to write for money? Just have a kid so I can be a stay-at-home-mom? Try to get on “The Real Housewives of San Diego?” I’m going crazy with too much time on my hands, not enough entertainment, and depleting funds. Moral of the story, I’m going to need a bigger social network and a schedule. And a lottery ticket.

putting this next to my beach chair

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