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Inner Yente Fail (Truth Hurts)

When a newly single girlfriend came to visit for a weekend getaway last month, I tried to set her up. It worked – for a hot second: “I should introduce you to _____. He’s really smart, loves to laugh, watch … Continue reading

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How Not To Be A Skank: LA Edition

When I was little, I was not a fashionista, I was a trashionista. There was a time when both the models in Land’s End catalogs (my mom used to dress me) and Alloy (and then I rebelled and encountered black … Continue reading

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LA Turned Me Into A Cheap Date

In New York the work ethic goes like this: drive yourself crazy all day long, stumble to a bar, get wasted, stumble into a cab, sleep, start all over again. I’m not necessarily impugning how hard people work or how … Continue reading

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Prose and Cons of Loving a Writer

I am procrastinating writing my blog post about writing. I literally just spent a half hour checking Facebook and answering emails when I should have been writing and it’s already 11:15 and I’m enervated from altogether too much life. Anywho. … Continue reading

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Home Is Where the Phillies Is

I didn’t realize how much I cared about the Phillies winning until I realized we could lose. This has been a weird series for me. It has been ever since the Giants won the division series and my live-in boyfriend … Continue reading

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5 Ways to Make or Break Female Friendships

I have always had more male friends than female friends, and not just because the former came with certain physically pleasurable benefits every now and again. I used to say it was because guys are simple–they like shootin’ the shit, … Continue reading

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