My 10 Favorite Things in 2010

Every year I resolve to complain less. Yet as I sign another lease in the city, I find more to whine about. The winters seem colder, subways more crowded, rats larger, tourists more annoying, garbage smellier, dogs yappier… oops, wrong list. So this year, I’m forcing myself to think of ten things to be thankful for in the past year to help me focus on the positive moving forward. Bonus: feel free to comment and add your own favorites!

1.Democracy. Sarah Palin has a TV show, not a Vice Presidency. Crisis averted (for now.) I refuse to watch the show, even though I’m technically a Republican. Don’t hate! I’m from rural Pennsylvania.

2.Extra dollars. New Yorkers saved money by not attending a World Series game this year, paving the way for Dancing With the Stars to rate higher than the final game of the Series. Who won again? Personally, I’m just happy the Yankees didn’t, since I’m a Phillies fan (again, from rural PA. No offense.)

3.Safety. Increased White House security after Michaele and Tareq Salahi crashed President Obama’s first state dinner. How does this happen? I feel like dressing up and going to random parties around the city for free food and drinks, claiming to know “Joe” (like I did in college.)

4.Fist pumping. We’re no longer shocked by anything that happens on The Jersey Shore. We’ve officially seen it all. But that won’t stop the cast members from making about $30K per episode next season…each. Sickening. My boyfriend is from the Jersey shore, and I’ve seen old pictures of him with blowouts and popped collars. This year for Christmas, he got a lot of argyle sweaters and loafers.

5.Celebrities. Antoine Dodson of the infamous Bed Intruder video and auto tune song now has a new house, endorsement deal, and a potential reality series in Hollywood. This song is on my iPod. For real. For those non-believers who think this is a joke, my friend was living in Alabama and saw this news report live.

6.Gifts. The Recession is officially over, in time for the holiday spending surge. My list this year included a pie pan so I can be more like the homemaker I wish to become and a blender for margaritas, which make me optimistic. I already won an iPod Nano at work, but an iPad would’ve been nice too, so I can then carry an iPhone, iPod, iPad, iBook, and eventually iSuitcase.

7.Books. Team Edward, Team Jacob, Team No One Cares. This year’s popular series starting with The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is at least written for adults. Fine, I did read the Twilight series, and maybe I even liked it for a hot second. I also read “Dragon Tattoo” and couldn’t sleep for days. No one told me it was a psychological thriller/horror book. Next up, a bubbly, brainless chick flick with cookie cutter characters.

8.Music. Michael Jackson can rest in peace, and so can we now that Billie Jean is no longer over-played on every radio station in the country. Not that I don’t love MJ, it was just hard not to break out the Thriller dance in public every time the song played in the grocery store or Starbucks.

9.Original stories. This year’s blockbuster hit, The Social Network told the mostly true tale of a conniving nerd turned billionaire, whereas last year we had a re-telling of the age-old “Pocahontas” yarn, otherwise known as Avatar. I don’t see many movies in the theatre, mostly because the boyfriend and I can never agree on what to see and we get Netflix. But of the movies I did see this year (The Social Network, Toy Story 3, Sex and the City 2), The Social Network was the best. It brought back memories of when Facebook was only for college kids circa 2005, when it was actually cool.

10.Health. Pigs and people are safe again. Swine flu fears have subsided, and we’re now free to touch subway poles. I played beer pong and shared cups during the swine flu outbreak last year, so I’m just grateful I’m alive.

I feel happier already! I should make a list every week of the good stuff. They say, “You become what you think about” so I better stop thinking about rude tourists and smelly garbage. From now on, it’s Zen masters and billionaire bloggers.

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2 Responses to My 10 Favorite Things in 2010

  1. amanda says:

    Bed intruder… I also saw this live in Alabama. I kept thinking the news cast would come back and say “just kidding” ummmm nope! And six months later I was at a bar in ‘bama and they played the bed intruder song, the best part, people got up and started grinding to it. Welcome LA (lower alabama) ha!

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