Handling Holiday Hassles and Headaches

We asked what your holiday gripes were, and you responded with complaints. Now I will advise on how to keep your sanity during this holly jolly season…that is, if you survived Thanksgiving.

Roberta: So much to do, not enough time.

Ellyn: Lists. Lots and lots of them. I’m obsessive compulsive, so I probably spend most of my time making lists and checking them twice. But it does help, because it’s hard to keep track of who you need to buy for, what to tell people to buy you (so you don’t end up with fuzzy bunny slippers and awkward sweaters), and where you need to be when. It helps to schedule errands during lunch breaks and after work each possible day until everything is done. For example, I’ll make a list for my list and transcribe gift ideas into stores I need to go to and then write the stores on my mini calendar so I know when to go. I would say “start shopping/planning/decorating earlier,” but that’s just a joke.

Eric: “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer” on the radio every 5 minutes stresses me out. Worst song ever.

Susan: Disagree…worst song ever is definitely “The Little Drummer Boy.” It inspires hatred and loathing in me. Also, when you work in retail, and they require you to listen to the Muppets Christmas CD for two months straight…Makes me want to hurl.

Robin: “Dominic the Donkey” is a close 2nd to the Grandma song hee haw hee haw-it’s a classic.

E: Whoa. I’m sensing a little music hostility here. I mean the obvious answer is to just listen to your iPod constantly, so you never hear anything on the radio or playing in stores. When driving, only listen to CD’s/iPod. If you work in retail, you’re totally screwed and I feel bad for you. A mild sedative may help.

Kirby: I hate hate hate generic texts on Christmas that say “merry xmas” and are sent to everyone in the senders contact list. Annoying to open, annoying to delete, and not personalized.

E: I hear you…quite annoying. Not only do I not even know how people do this… is there an option to “Send to All?” This is stupid and dangerous and adds a whole new meaning to “Friends don’t let friends text drunk.” Imagine texting something really embarrassing or inappropriate to your entire contact list, which includes people like “Blue Shirt Boy” and “Annoying Girl from Class” and “Grandma.” Not okay. It’s not okay to text generic messages ever. If you get these texts from people you don’t consider a good friend, there’s a place on your cell service’s website to “Block Spam.”

Ally: The word “giblets” (turkey organs)

E: Gross. I never heard of this word (or else blocked it out of my memory), but it just sounds like what it is: completely disgusting. I like to imagine that we’re not actually eating something that used to be a living, happy turkey, and that it’s really just an empty thing shaped into a headless bird, like an edible rubber chicken. At least we’re not in charge of making the turkey yet. When that day comes, we better make sure we have kitchen back-up.

Don: Being reminded of your family members who are in jail.

E: LOL yes, these relatives are best left in the back of one’s mind for the other 11 months of the year. But really, it’s kind of sad. Perhaps all of their reflection time will make them realize what’s really important during the holidays: friends, family, health, abiding by the law? If you’re feeling especially generous, you could always send them a glittery card with Santa on it and a plate of cookies. People in prison like snacks and cheer too.

Hope this helps!
Send some more and we’ll respond accordingly.


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