Toddlers & Tiaras: It's Vegas Babies!
Ellyn: My first reaction was OH MY GOD. Are you kidding me???? And the little infants were so embarrassing. They can’t even walk, and you’re toting them around the stage in a showgirl outfit in Las Vegas?

Miriam: I really can’t decide what’s worse in that episode… the military father who is obsessed with his daughter winning (so creepy) although really she was the least effed up of the three girls or TLC’s attempt to show that poor people from Los Angeles can’t keep up with rich people when it comes to toddler beauty competitions and that’s class discrimination. I mean, it is, but seriously TLC can you not take anything more seriously?

Ellyn: That dad, I’m sorry, there is something very wrong with him. Although that girl was the cutest… except for her fake teeth and the fact that they gave her coffee and a spray tan. That was just creepy. She’s 6 not 26. Her teeth aren’t supposed to look “adult.” And I hate that the moms were either submissive, struggling, or living vicariously (that one mom’s name was actually Barbie). What does that say about women? Not much.

Miriam: Actually what’s worse is that girl Cassidy and her psycho mom. She clearly needs some proper parenting and caring for and instead her mother is horribly manipulating her… Children take their cues from their parents and boy is that crazy mom not giving that girl any helpful cues.

Ellyn: Cassidy has such an attitude! At one point she actually said to her mother, “Quiet, wife!” WTF! These kids wouldn’t ask to be in a pageant if their parents didn’t expose them to it. Is the point of this circus just to make money? For attention? Or for the moms (and dads) to feel better about themselves and their failed pasts? How do they sleep at night knowing that they are exploiting their children for a few dollars and a few minutes in the spotlight? To me, this is pornography. Plain and simple.

Miriam: How ridiculous was it that they played up the big prize… and it was all of $500!!!? And the little girl with $100 bills… is that training to be a stripper or what?? They probably paid more for the girls to be in the contest than they actually won.

Ellyn: Little known fact. I was in a pageant once when I was 17 to try to win scholarship money. So for me it was really about the money, but I didn’t spend anything on my outfits. I wore my prom dress. Whatever. And I lost, but if there was a prize for “Least Likely to Win a Pageant,” I would’ve won. And I’m pretty sure the winner didn’t walk across the stage with a stack of bills at the end. Also my parents didn’t make me do it.

Miriam: There is so much emotional and physical abuse in the world and instead of doing something good about it, TLC is capitalizing on it. Which is so gross.

Ellyn: It’s morally degrading. Why make your 5-year-old cry because she lost and now thinks she’s not good enough? I don’t get it. I really would like to talk to a parent to see their point of view, but I’d probably end up punching them in the face. I also love that this show is followed by “My Strange Addiction.” A winning line-up.

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2 Responses to Toddlers & Tiaras: It's Vegas Babies!

  1. Ramie says:

    This is one of the seven signs of the apocalypse.

  2. Sarah says:

    Lets talk about strange addictions for a second… who the heck decides to eat a couch cushion or toilet paper in the first place let alone decide that they LIKE to eat those things…

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